For Sprout Industry

In today's complex business world, methods of production may be restricted by active patents. These patents may or may not be enforced by patent owners, depending on any number of factors. But the larger a business grows, the more carefully you will need to respect all active patents to avoid possible infingement. Both active and expired patents can be referenced online.

Designers of sprouting equipment may find it resourceful to have some insight into existing patents. For all these reasons, I decided to list some, but not all, of the patents I have found online, pertaining to the production of food sprouts.

An attempt is made here to list patents by issue date, with latest first. A concise description may be offered. And then you can reference these patents by numerous means including the online patent search websites and USPTO website, or through microfilm collections at any local library who might have them.

  • 3,643,376 (1972Fe22, Poindexter & Scott) - "Production of Seed Sprouts"
  • mmm