Quality Makes the Market
Gourmet Sprouts will take over the planet like Martians landing en masse

Great sprouts often turn sprout "haters" into fanatical sprout lovers. And why do so many people "hate" sprouts in the first place? It's because the industry is lacking in quality production dynamics and methodology.

Sprouts are also very much misunderstood. Few people even at the top of the "sprout chain", realize the true potential of sprouts. Many, if not most commercial producers have less of a knack for sprouting than home growers. Indeed, the best sprouts are probably home grown, more often than not.

Sprouts grown with love, goodness and superior method, have the potential to become a household product found in every kitchen and restaurant worldwide. Good sprouts can improve health and diet. They can become a hit sensation at every salad bar. And for those who also love other forms of "green", quality sprouts have the potential to be a huge and rapid wealth generator. They have the easy ability to become an industry worth tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars.

When you ask people why they "don't care" for products like sprouts or tofu, the general answer is "I just don't like 'em". This is a perfectly legitimate answer. But I must point out that the tofu industry is expanding largely because of increased quality. You can good tofu at many of the largest supermarkets. If the tofu quality trend continues, tofu will eventually become a mainstream food. Meanwhile, the sprout industry is lagging. Tofu production is more industrialized and perfected. Sprout production is not.

What about the so-called "sprouting industry"? Sure, it actually exists, if you can call it an industry. You will not find a huge number of companies that build excellent sprouting equipment for would-be producers. The patent office reveals a huge variety of sprouting methods. But many of these are for non-food sprouts. The variety of commercial devices on the market is very limited. And some of the best systems are not nearly as good as they could be.

Even today, it's easy to find sprouts that look and smell like soiled and trampled barn hay. For decades, much of the helter skelter sprouting industry has grown inferior sprouts and continues to foist them onto the marketplace. Is it any wonder that the average consumer tries sprouts and never buys them again? Is it any wonder that many sprout brands register no excitement even among seasoned sprout fanatics. And how many people actually have the patience or proper environment to grow their own. Consumers depend on the sprout industry. And that industry has largely been a disappointment. But it could change for the better.

Gourmet Sprouts
Quality sprouts are a taste sensation. They sizzle on the tongue. They have crisp texture and dynamic. They smell gloriously inviting. They're mouth watering to chew. They're dilectibaly fresh. They have the ability to command center stage in salads, with a quality equal and oft-superior to lettuce. They can make an otherwise boring sandwhich mighty delicious. They can be used in just about any main course recipe. In short, gourmet sprouts are the kind of celebrities that can go just about anywhere. The trick is to find them. Gourmet sprouts are not that easy to find.

Conversely speaking, it is easy to find tiny quantities of overpriced inferior sprouts entombed in clear flat plastic boxes or little cubes. Who would want to eat much? Pinch them and be ready for an assault on your nose because many of these sprouts are pure barnyard garbage. In a typical supermarket, they rightfully occupy a hard-to-find spot so terribly tiny. Often their quality is so low that their availability itself is a miracle. But as the industry wakes up, you will be finding delicious, gourmet, healthy sprouts in larger unit sizes being snatched up by rabid sprout lovers all day long. They will be highly visible and indispensable. And sprout haters will then become hard to find.

In summary, quality is what makes the market. Whatever the lackluster green sprout industry has achieved today, it will be ten thousand times bigger when it learns about quality. The demand for sprouts will remain dormant until quality arrives. When quality pervades the sprout industry, sprouts will simply change the whole world of food. Quality is everything.

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(GrowSprouts.com plans to display some examples of gourmet sprouts on this page in the near future.)