Seed Safety
Sick sprouts often come from sick seeds

Many people have considered the wonderful world of commercial sprouting as a means of income, only to discover that sprouts often have a bad reputation. But where does this reputation come from?

The popularity of sprouts and the growth of the sprout industry has been unfairly strangled by ignorance from the FDA, the CDA and the general scientific community, in regard to pathogens. First of all, nearly ALL of the sprout paranoias have resulted from sprouts that were contaminated as seeds BEFORE they were ever sprouted. And yet, we have government agencies that have knowingly condemned sprouts as a food product wholesale, as if the sprouting industry were to blam.

Let me tell you, if I were a food cop and I asked told to bust up a picnic where the food was making people sick, I would go to the picnic and investigate before I blame the chefs and condemned the food being served. And if I went to the picnic undercover and observed some shithead secretly mixing poo into the food, I would not punish the chefs. I would punish the person who started all this shit. And that my friends, would be the meat industry and its factory farms that are contaminating seeds.

Seeds do not normally contain any kind of pathogen. The government is fully aware that pathogens are introduced from outside sources. The government is also fully aware that the source is animal feedlots. Irrespondible seed sellers often allow water that is contaminated by animal waste, to migrate into the ground where seed plants are produced. The reason that the government has blamed sprout growers for so many years? It's just easier to crack down on a specialty food like sprouts. It's harder to do their job, which is to trace the actual seed suppliers who should not be allowed to see contaminated seeds.

Granted, sprouts have shown an above-normal tendency to be contaminated, when compared to foods grown in soil. But there are two reasons for this. First is the seed sources and second is the pathetic stinky anaerobic methods used by many growers to grow filthy sprouts. Let's begin with seeds.

Many disreputable seed farmers take the attitude that seeds will be used to grow plants in soil. And if sprouters want them for sprouting, well then that's just wierd. They know that alfalfa seeds are most commonly used to grow alfalfa plants to be used as forage for livestock. Who cares if the fifty million gallon manure tank drains out into ninety acres of seed production land. On the other hand, there are many perfectly reputable seed suppliers out there, who take full repsonibility for producing seeds under normal condisions without adding fifty billion gallons of factory farm turd waste. Some of these responsible seed producers are well known to sprout producers. You just gotta know who they are.

Are bad seeds the fault of the sprouting industry? Hell no. So the FDA should just shut the fuck up, and quit condemning sprouts, and causing mass hysteria and prejudice. If we had a responsible FDA, they would be shutting down the filthy seed producers. They have no right to condemn the sprouting industry. And the industry is stupid for accepting blame.

Should sprout producers be required to apply chemical treatments to seeds to remove bacteria? The answer is no. Who could blame anyone for using these treatments to avoid liability lawsuits? But who put the crap in the seeds in the first place? Many sprout growers just want to grow healthy gourmet delicious organic sprouts without crap or chemicals to kill the crap. Organic is a right. And nobody has the right to tell us we need to medicate our sprouts because scoundrels put a disease in the seeds.

The second problem, however, lays some of the blame on bad sprout producers. A lot of producers grow sprouts of a quality that no farm animal would want for smell, let alone eat. You go to the supermarket and find these bad sprouts, squeeze the hard plastic container to do a smell test, and you just wanna cry. These shit-growing sprout companies generally produce sprouts that have seed coats still attached. Seed coats are great hosts for bacteria. They grow the sprouts in sun-less environments. The sprouts are grown by methods that break sprouts. The sprouts are poorly handled, subject to improper temperatures, etc. And when you mistreat sprouts, they die and become anaerobic, meaning they rot like garbage. And any bacteria that might be present in the original seeds, will thrive all the more. Not to mention a few added bacteria from the rotting sprouts themselves.

Sprouts have a a really bad rap if you listen to the idiots at the top of the government food chain. The bad rap belongs almost exclusively to disreputable seed suppliers. What the government has done to the sprouting industry, should be labeled a crime. The FDA and CDC owe an apaology to the sprouting industry for their mass blanket condemnations of a wonderful food product, that got shitted on by bad seed sellers.


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