Translated Phrases

These words and phrases were translated to English from many languages using Google Translate and other means. The translations are intended to make it easier to research global sprout topics online. Only major languages using same alphabet as English are used here. The language translation may not be exact. And sprouts may be called by other names that might not translate as "vegetable sprouts".

Vegetable sprouts:

  • Danish: vegetabilsk spirer
  • Dutch: kiemgroenten
  • Finnish: kasvis versot
  • French: germes de légumes
  • German: Gemüse-Sprossen
  • Icelandic: grænmeti spíra
  • Indonesian/Malay: sayur kubis
  • Irish: shampla péacáin glasraí
  • Italian: germogli di verdura
  • Norwegian: vegetabilske spirer
  • Portugese: brotos vegetais
  • Spanish: brotes de vegetales (vegetable shoots)
  • Spanish: Germinado (sprouts)
  • Sedish: vegetabiliska skott
  • Turkish: sebze filizi