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Grow Sprouts is a new website in progress launched July 14, 2010. It is not yet well illustrated. But there is plenty of resourceful content inside. A few of the pages are not yet implemented and might be blank until content is created.

Good alfalfa sprouts are delicious, succulent, fresh-tasting, white and slightly crunchy with medium green leaves and minimal breakage points. Along with good taste, superior sprouts also offer better nutrition and longer shelf life under normal refrigeration. They are never too yellow or bitter and should not look or smell anything like the rotting trampled barn hay you may often experience with common commercially grown sprouts. Properly grown alfs are also safer to eat because there are rarely any unhealthy bacteria in the sprout mass. Even in those exceedingly exceptional instances when seeds might arrive contaminated by undiscovered farm bacteria, it will be mostly eliminated by proper irrigation and good grow methods. These fab sprouts were grown by the Grow Sprouts webmaster in 2001 using just a small amount of indirect sunlight.

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What's to come: will probably evolve in slow periodic spurts. You can expect to see more photos added gradually. The website will have search engine visibility soon, now that it has just been linked on a few websites. From that point, people who check search engines to find info on growing sprouts will find their way here. Some of you may send emails providing great links for srpouting companies, suppliers, etc, helping to achieve the goal of making this the preeminent sprout industry link directory. I am not going to try to make this site the expert on everything about sprouts. Instead, the strategy is to link to sprout websites globally. You can be the experts. Over time, Grow Sprouts aspires to be the starting point for every kind of sprout research, whether it is commercial, home, scientific, etc. It is already the first link directory of its kind. As a webmaster with dozens of active websites and countless projects, I divide my time between a lot of creative work. But I will try to do what I can to make this one grow.

For more info, please see "About" Grow Sprouts. You can always click "Home" from the top bar menu to get back to the main menu.

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